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The future of flexible packaging in the food industry

Given its versatility and role in product protection, flexible packaging will continue to be essential, which is why it is evolving. New products and technologies emerge to provide a better experience for customers, something fundamental as values ​​and purpose are becoming as important as the value of a product.

Every day billions of people around the world make choices about food. Trivial decisions that generate patterns and design a food culture. Changes in these standards determine trends that help guide this and other sectors of the economy, such as the flexible packaging industry, which necessarily needs to adapt to the demands of food manufacturers.

A large percentage of all food produced in the world ends up not being consumed for various reasons, and helping to minimize this waste is another important challenge for the packaging sector – an area in which technology can have a big impact. One of the options to reduce food losses is to optimize the packaging format. The more adaptable and stable they are, the safer the transport and storage of products in stocks and points of sale will be.

With consumers paying more attention to details such as hygiene, storage and sustainability conditions, PC Packaging is even more aware of its role in this scenario that will determine the future of food and packaging. Therefore, it follows all market trends, changes in consumption habits and invests in the most advanced technology to serve its customers.

Anyone who thinks that the packaging manufacturing industry is stuck in time is wrong. Like almost all economic sectors in the world, the packaging universe is booming and investing heavily in technology to surprise and prevent damage to the environment. Sensory, edible, biodegradable, informative, the packaging of the future is already present and is increasingly modern and capable of attracting the attention of consumers in the most creative ways.