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Great products, Great packaging, Great partnership

With great partnerships, come great results. Such is the case with our partnership with Malyna and PC Packaging Flexible Solutions. Any partnership, big or small, will work best when there is a shared goal. Establishing a common purpose sets the foundation and acts as the glue to holding the partnership together. From an early age, Lysa Macri (President and Owner) has had determination and ambition in her blood. Doing things differently is not a problem for her. Lysa stands out among her community and her companies by her desire of responsibility, her implication and her vision of greatness.

As the world of nutrition is constantly evolving, creativity is necessary when it comes to developing new products. More than ever, consumers are looking for healthy foods that they can serve their families without worry, and that are fresh and tasty. With Malyna’s nuts and peanuts-free snacks and even some gluten-free ones, Macri takes up the challenge hands down. Her products are becoming more and more important in Quebecers lives. Malyna products are available in Quebec schools as well as online through their website. It is even now available on Air Canada & Air Transat flights. Their innovative and unique solutions have made each of her products a must-have as well as new classic in our pantries.

We at PC Packaging Flexible Solutions are proud to have contributed in the production of such wonderful products and look forward to a long relationship with Lysa Macri, Malyna and any other endeavours she might require us for. We wish her great success and would like to invite you to visit her website and purchase some snacks for your family, your business, or even just for yourself!