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Unwrapping the Debate: Rollstock vs. Pouches in Packaging Solutions

Unwrapping the Debate: Rollstock vs. Pouches in Packaging Solutions When it comes to packaging solutions, the choice between Rollstock and Pouches can be a pivotal decision. Each option presents its own set of advantages and considerations, catering to different needs and preferences within the industry. In this blog post, we’ll dissect the benefits of both […]

Great products, Great packaging, Great partnership

With great partnerships, come great results. Such is the case with our partnership with Malyna and PC Packaging Flexible Solutions. Any partnership, big or small, will work best when there is a shared goal. Establishing a common purpose sets the foundation and acts as the glue to holding the partnership together. From an early age, […]

Does Your Packaging Pose Well On Social Media?

‘Instagrammable’ Packaging: Does Yours Pose Well On Social Media? Here on the PC Packaging Blog, we have already discussed the importance of packaging to stand out in the physical retail sales environment. There your product is side by side with several competitors, and if a person has never heard of it or bought it before, […]

How to Stand Out With Your Packaging

Many people who go to the supermarket to shop have a curious problem: they ofter don’t remember the name of the brands of the products they use. But they remember well the packaging and branding and therefore they can identify the product and buy it. Most people don’t realize the importance of packaging at the […]

The future of flexible packaging in the food industry

Given its versatility and role in product protection, flexible packaging will continue to be essential, which is why it is evolving. New products and technologies emerge to provide a better experience for customers, something fundamental as values ​​and purpose are becoming as important as the value of a product. Every day billions of people around […]


In a highly competitive market where products are offered in large quantities and competition between them has been increasingly fierce, the challenge of packaging and design is to make you stand out from the huge range of these products that appear every day. 1- Your packaging must bring proximity and self-recognition to the customer. In […]