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How to Stand Out With Your Packaging

Many people who go to the supermarket to shop have a curious problem: they ofter don’t remember the name of the brands of the products they use. But they remember well the packaging and branding and therefore they can identify the product and buy it. Most people don’t realize the importance of packaging at the time of purchase, especially at the POS.

Have you ever heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”? Well, studies show that in general people remember and associate an image better than words or even sounds. Exactly why brands work hard to make their image – literally – be remembered in the minds of customers. That’s why it’s common for you to arrive at the store, go straight to that red, long thing that has funny letters on it. You remembered the look and it was because of the packaging that you were able to distinguish it from all the others.

Studies show that 75% of companies that invest in packaging design have a significant increase in their sales! 

Thus, the packaging presents itself as fundamental in the purchase process, being the main product media at the time of decision. Your design needs to interact directly in this process, providing visual impact (the product has about 3 seconds to impress and seduce at first glance). Emotion (create deeper bonds and an emotional connection for the consumer to fall in love with). Rationalize (generate stimuli to make the consumer migrate from observation to purchase action) and, finally, Loyalty (keep the brand always attractive to win the loyal consumer, which is the key to success and one of the greatest assets that a contemporary brand can have).

Packaging has become a competitive sector essential for business success. Its cost is still a problem for companies, especially small ones, but there is unanimous recognition of its role in product positioning in the market.

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