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High Quality Printing

State of the art high-speed 8 color printing press with high standards of quality and customized to your specific needs.
High quality resolution up to 150 lines screen with an 8 color printing capability. Our graphic support team is available to help with pre-press services so you can achieve your graphic goals.

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Lamination Capability

Multi-layer films that are laminated to each other using a variety of specialized materials which are custom engineered to specific products. (Vegetables, Coffee, Snacks, etc)
Our solventless lamination machine is equipped with a new technology allowing an impressive speed of curing in two hours once laminated.

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Slitting Capability

Customizing configuration of high precision of a wide flexible packaging rollstock into specific widths and length as per specification.
The capability of slitting 60 inch maximum rolls width with a maximum of 30 inch OD (Outside Dimension) down to specific requirements.

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Macro Perforation & Hole Application System

Offering both Micro and Macro hole perforation systems to increase shelf life on specific products.
Perforation or vent holes vary for each application and will be specific to the products packed.

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Creating a print and a digital layout while performing all the steps that lead to the final print project. ex. Machine Specs, Firm Pack
Assembling and editing the concept prior to printing and adjusting the colors in prepress. Once approved, transform the concept onto a printing plate which is ultimately used for production.

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Our experienced team supports the client throughout their process by providing additional consultations on the artwork for better printing quality, materials used for greater efficiency and the type of machinery for your packing process.


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